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Pregnancy Care App Wins State Research Competition For B.A.M.S. Student

Digital technology and mobile apps have invaded every aspect of modern life – including conception, pregnancy, and parenting. The Antenatal Care created and designed by medical student, Trupti Naikare, doesn’t simply monitor pregnancy milestones, it actually helps track crucial prenatal benchmarks, like checkups, helps prevent potential pregnancy problems, and helps reduce the pregnancy mortality rate. Here’s why this app is so vital, necessary, and important.

UNICEF reports approximately 800 annual deaths of pregnant women, with an average of twenty percent of these deaths occurring among women in the country of India. Sadly, many of these deaths can be attributed to readily preventable causes. Trupti Naikare’s app puts pregnancy care at the fingertips of the women who need it most. For this vital new app, she has been awarded the first-place prize for mobile app development in the Humanities category by the State Level Inter University Research Convention.

Antenatal Care is crucial in promoting healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and births. It’s also vital for decreasing delivery complications, instances of birth defects, and lessening the risk of miscarriage. When she realized how easily preventable these health concerns could be, she was determined to find a solution. After searching for a dependable pregnancy app in vain, Naikare set out to develop one.

For a busy medical student, building a mobile app was a challenge – especially since she was only one month away from the start of the mobile app development competition. Not to be deterred, she set two concentration goals. First, to focus on content strategy. Second, to focus mobile app development. So, she put her existing medical training and experience to work on the content portion. Then, she smartly enlisted the help of her sister, Jagruti, a software engineer, for the tech portion. After completing each portion and putting the app together, she turned her fellow medical students into beta testers and sought their opinions and feedback.

Of the more than 500 projects submitted to the multi-university competition, about forty of them were in the humanities and medical-tech space. Trupti’s app won favor with the competition judges because of its life-saving benefits and ease-of-use, winning first place for her and closing a six-year winning gap for Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.